Usaitiswe – Obey Sithole Tears Into DJ Towers
16 December 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri| MDC Alliance Youth Assembly leader Obey Sithole has challenged social media character DJ Towers to desist from being used by Passion Java to attack perceived Zanu PF opponents.

DJ Towers has sold his conscience for a few pieces of silver, according to Sithole.

He argued:
“Then enters another one who calls himself DJ Towers.

For the love of few pieces of silver, people are making madness a lifestyle.

We surely need to save our people from poverty.”

The MDC Alliance Alliance Youth Assembly leader also denounced Zanu PF hooliganism following disruption of a Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition meeting.

“I have just received news that delegates at the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition AGM have been attacked and some injured following a violent disruption by ZANUPF thugs in Bulawayo. This continued desperate attempt by the regime to suffocate voices of truth are yet another reason why they must be booted out in the next plebiscite. Zimbabwe belongs to all and no one must be subjected to any form of violence,” said Sithole.

DJ Towers