Passion Java’s Wife Tells Women To Sleep With Her Own Husband To Contract Witchcraft Demon
4 January 2022
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By Religion Reporter | Passion Java’s wife, Lily has written saying she contracted a witchcraft spirit by sleeping with the ZANU PF prophet.

Her husband was recently described as a thief by his own colleagues at the Affirmative Action Group, AAG. Businessman Mike Chimombe alleged Java committed fraud in the United States, and he uses the Bible to just fool people.

Lily Java appeared to encourage other women to sleep with her husband in order for them to obtain prophecy-witchcraft powers.

Already her husband himself has publicly described himself as a witch, that is, someone who manipulates people’s brains, their minds , the willpower, and their destiny- mupusisi.

She said:

Many people ask me “what can I do to prophesy and minister like you?”
I’m going to give you the secret today! The easiest way to start prophesying is to connect to someone who already walks in that grace.

From the moment I connected to my husband @prophetpassion , the prophetic unction was birthed in my spirit. I began to prophesy names and numbers, I started seeing house addresses and family members. I was able to describe in detail what’s inside there house, what kind of car they drive or what they have only spoken in there heart.

There is a transference in the spirit when connecting to the right person.
I pray you connect to the grace upon our lives! Or that God will connect you to the right people in Jesus name!

Lily Java with husband, Panganai.