Opposing Zanu PF Is Not A Crime- Election Watchdog
7 January 2022
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Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust (ZEAT) Communications

The persecution of Batsiranai Ngugama, a teacher at Serima High in Gutu by Chief Serima, ZANU PF MP John Paradza and CIO operatives makes sad reading.

His “crime” is the democratic right to support a politcal party of choice.

Section 58 of the constitution guarantees freedom of association and assembly as a fundamental right.We once again reiterate our displeasure about the uncouth,and dissident behavior of our traditional chiefs in our rural communities.

Chiefs are supposed to be doyens and custodians of the constitution through the promotion of peace and coexistence of all citizens regardless of politcal differences .In equal measure,the CIO must stop preying on innocent citizens and concentrate on their constitutional obligation.

As ZEAT we view this as ploy to intimidate voters as we move towards by elections in March.We are closely watching this development as we implore relevant authorities to intervene and restore sanity.ZEAT…fostering democratic elections!