Apostle Chiwenga Becomes The World’s First Person To Be Followed By CIOs In Full-Colour Spy Uniform
9 February 2022
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Apostle Talent Chiwenga A Delusional Mentally Unstable Fake Prophet.

By Dr Masimba Mavaza | An outspoken street preacher and prominent critic of every one and everything including the Zimbabwe’s government, Apostle Talent Chiwenga, once again made claims that he has foiled another attempt to his life. This time he was very specific in a video being circulated on social media Talent Chiwenga made very sensational allegations naming some people he claimed worked for the state House.

In a mentally questionable stability Talent Chiwenga has fled his house citing heightened surveillance of his church and home in Harare by people in unmarked vehicles.

He is now based in South Africa and still issue his statements day to day. Chiwenga’s home in Harare is now guarded by a security company while Chiwenga enjoys his life in South Africa where he is seeking asylum and preaching gospel against the Zimbabwe government.

I do not normally wish to engage Talent Chiwenga because doing so will be giving him relevance. But I have decided to raise few points to show that Talent Chiwenga is a pathetic liar taking advantage of the faithfuls who genuinely believe in his foolishness and mental health.

There are points we should look at in exposing the lies Talent Chiwenga is peddling in his quest to gain popularity.

The striking points in this are that Mr Chiwenga purports to have details of his accusers, their momements and their alleged transgressions. He is eloquently mute on whether he has turned this incredible detail to the police. He has never reported any of the so called attempts on his life to the police except preaching about them once he noticed that he is becoming irrelevant.

In case someone pretends that his failure to report to the police was because he could not trust the police, that argument falls on its face considering that he could could not report to the South African authorities.

Where he is hiding now and claims that it a relatively peaceful place.

He outlines details of alleged incidents in South Africa, including personal phone numbers, identity cards and photos of the suspected would be killers. Why was this not handed to the South African police authorities. No country would accept criminal activities on its soil.

It is incredulous that Mr Chiwenga would obtain CIO details. This is not an amateur organisation of loose practice and exposure.
CIOs have a security training, practice and competencies to meet challenges of foreign and domestic terrorism of a military and violent nature. It is unbelievable that they would take 4 years to “hunt’ a civilian.

Chiwenga wishes people to believe that he is so important that his life is in danger yet he clutches on straw.

The best case scenario for Mr Chiwenga is that indeed he has been hunted. He is a men given to scandalising others under the pretex that some supernatural power has shown him some dreams on those people. He makes defamatory and inflamatory public statements which are incapable of verification, being alleged visions. By that gamesmanship he has created a multiplicity of enemies. It is conceivable that enraged victims of his vitrol are seeking blood and under the false pretences that they are members of the CIO.

Why would a CIO person approach him wearing a garment written the name of that organisation? This shows that Chiwenga is mentally unstable and needs medical and phycological assistance.

We are approaching an election year. Many would potentially be imposters of the CIO as a ploy to undermine the government. And Chiwenga is a perfect tool to spread such lies as he has a following of faithfuls who think that Chiwenga is a serious and genuine.
Frankly, it is unbelievable that Mr Chiwenga experienced whatever claims he publishes. He is making these allegations in a foreign country. Clearly this opens potential doors for foreign funding and symphathy donations. The man who mints money by commercialising the gospel can so easily be making money by concorting false security fears.
Then he makes personal, vicious and outlandish attacks on VP Chiwenga. Why on earth would VP Chiwenga descend to chasing a politically obscure entity like MR T Chiwenga? This guy’s motive is to generate a controversy of an attention craving nature by fantasising that the VP has an interest in him. Again the goal of the controversy is money- spinning like the false prophet posturing.

Chiwenga is now in South Africa where he is concubining with his late wife’s cousin.
Chiwenga has no respect for any one. This the man who does not see eye to eye with his own mother in law.

There are a lot of rituals Chiwenga involves himself in which are not christian.
It is curious to know his next spiritual target.

Chiwenga can not surely be a target he is not the first preacher to lose wires on pulpit. Unfortunately those who are close to him are either equally insane of still blinded by Chiwenga’s insanity.

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