Khupe Red Watch
18 February 2022
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The case of Thokozani Khupe must be handled with much care because it is very fragile and people still abhor Khupe’s previous traits and behaviour.

Thokozani Khupe on the day she was removed from the HICC during her party’s national Congress

By Leonard Koni | Joining CCC at this critical moment should not be restricted to new members only but the olive branch must also be extended even to those who deserted the party when the struggle needed them most.

It is the duty of the CCC to read riot acts to members who would have sold out or abondoned the struggle during turbulent times.

Every vote and voice now counts as we approach the 2023 harmonised elections and the Citizens Coalition for Change must make use of every vote they come across and make synergies with other democratic forces.

The fact is that she wants to join CCC and the door is not closed and still open for anyone regardless of their past history.

Thokozani Khupe is like a candle which loses nothing by lighting another candle.

With the little she have Thokozani Khupe can be useful judging by her deep roots, high command and following in the Matebeland region She is likely to add more weight and experience in the new CCC if she is accommodated.

Abednico Bhebhe is another grassroots mobiliser and can secure maximum votes as well for CCC to win resoundingly. The leadership must be allowed to constantly keep an eye on such people and act promptly in the event that they misfire.

People must desist from using too much emotions or premature ejaculation when coming to decisions making.

I am not a fan of Khupe considering the way she contributed into the shredding of MDC- Alliance but her coming back to joining CCC shows that there is no any other opposition party which is very strong to remove the junta from power.

If Thokozani Khupe has worked so much hard with Douglas Mwonzora sure Bulawayo was going to be in the hands of MDC-T.

She must join the yellow revolution on conditions. It must not be automatic for her to land an executive post but should start from the lowest rungs then climbing up the ladder like everyone else. She must prove to the CCC family that she is now a changed person.

It would be also wise on her part to apologise to the nation for causing emotional stress to the entire democratic forces who mostly needed her comfort during the trying times. Then she must just come as an ordinary card carrying member and start mobilising to get trust from the people.

A game of politics is a game of numbers and must be understood in that context. One must way lay his enemy.

Mugabe was a shrewd character a dictactor in the making and the most hated leader but when he endorsed Nelson Chamisa in 2018 during his last days people were excited and happy that he was going to sway some crucial votes. No doubt that some people voted for Chamisa just because Mugabe endorsed him.

There are no permanent enemies or friends in politics only permanent interests.

Not sure about this rumour circulating but if Thozani Khupe joins CCC this will give Mwonzora and Mnangagwa sleepless nights on which strategy to use in order to win the Matabeleland vote.

Citizens Coalition for Change is an inclusive democratic institution which will allow every citizen of Zimbabwe to be part and parcel of it’s journey to a new Zimbabwe.

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