Mnangagwa Ditches Putin
2 March 2022
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Zimbabwean dictator, Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday backed down from supporting the ally he called my big brother, Vladimir Putin on the latter’s invasion of Ukraine, launched last week.

This was during the drafting of a UN resolution against the invasion of Ukraine.

The UN met on Wednesday afternoon and obtained majority votes in favour of a condemnation of the invasion.

Russia invaded Ukraine following claims by Putin that the country belongs to his government. According to Putin, Ukraine was created by the Russian government.

Over 498 Russian troops have been killed in Ukraine, and 1,597 wounded, Russia’s Defence Ministry announced in its first report of military casualties since the country invaded its eastern European neighbour last week.

On the other side, the bombardment of Kharkiv in Ukraine has killed 21 people and hurt 112, as Ukrainian official announced.

Some Russian planes have been shot down, they added.

Only one African country (Eritrea) supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In Europe, there is only one, Belarus. The other 3 are North Korea, Syria, and itself, Russia.

Zimbabwe abstained.