News Of Racism At The Ukrainian Borders Are Fake News, Says Nigerian Mum Despite UN Report
2 March 2022
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.. There are a few racists here and there just like in every other country, says Nigerian mother of three Nkiru Ojimadu.

Even these videos and hearsays going around that they refuse to take blacks and all, are not true too, the well known resident of Kyiv of many years, adds.

She continues saying:

People don’t understand the language, so that’s the root of their wrong perceptions.

Our knowledge of the language helped us a lot

Lately, SOME trains are for women, children and the old ONLY!!!

In some they take women, children, the old FIRST!! .

Our people, not understanding what they say, start pushing / forcing themselves in, being aggressive, hence them being rejected.

You need to see how animalistic SOME of our people behave at these borders. Lord?!! I was so ashamed being a black!!!

Women, children first, then later men. Everyone is allowed to go. But men must wait a bit.This is a common thing in wars and pandemics.

I am a Nigerian woman with 3 children. They called me and my girls to come in first.

I had to beg them that we are family and I cannot leave my husband behind..

Knowing the language is the ticket.

Then having a beautiful daughter that the soldiers wanted to marry, iced the cake 😂😂

I told them, I am already your inlaw so abeg pass my husband 🤣

Everyone has been so good to us.

The Hungarian treatment to us was Presidential, top nouch! ❤️❤️❤️