Nick Mangwana “Blasts” Zanu PF
4 March 2022
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By- Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Secretary Nick Mangwana has blasted said his Zanu PF party for causing violence which resulted in the death of the opposition CCC rally in Kwekwe.

The violence by Zanu PF members also left several others to sustain “serious” injuries.
Commenting on a video clip recorded from the scene, Mangwana said:
I am still shocked by the level of savagery and bloodthirsty barbarism on display here. Some have rocks in their hands and are using them to bludgeon their victim. Zimbabweans, we surely are so much better than this.
It is alleged that the suspects, 5 of which are in custody and 11 released, stormed the venue armed with knives, machetes and spears and assaulted CCC members at the rally.

CCC youths retaliated at the instigation of one of the party officials who was on the podium.