Shamva Man Caught Red- handed R_aping Goat
13 March 2022
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By A Correspondent- A 19-year old s_x starved Shamva man has been arrested after he was caught ra_ping a goat in a maize field.

The matter came to light at Bindura magistrates courts on Friday where Kelvin Bhobho was convicted of bestality by magistrate Samantha Dhlamini.

He was sentenced to four months in jail which were converted to four months of community service.

Prosecutors said on March 6 Aida Tauzeni heard the bleating of her goat in her maize field and rushed to check what was happening.

To her surprise she found Bhobho ra_ping her goat and quizzed on his actions he said he was __x starved.

A police report was filed leading to his arrest