Chadcombe Shooting GunOwner Quickly Takes Over AAG
29 March 2022
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The owner of the stribog firearm used to gun down 3 suspected robbers in December last year, has been suddenly appointed the president of the Chiyangwa-Pamire formed Affirmative Action Group, AAG.

An announcement in the state media coming 24hrs after the bi elections, said the Affirmative Action Group presidium has been dissolved with immediate effect with Mr Pedzisai (Scott) Sakupwanya now the new president taking over from Mr Mike Chimombe, AAG founding president Dr Phillip Chiyangwa has announced.

Scott Sakupwanya

Mr Sakupwanya is the country’s largest gold buyer. Addressing the media today, Dr Chiyangwa said the decision to dissolve the presidium was meant to strengthen and augment the zeal to empower the organisation.
He said all other structures in Zimbabwe and internationally remain intact with AAG remaining as an affiliate of the ruling Zanu PF party.

Sakupwanya, is believed to be an agent of ZANU PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa.