Pf*tseki Ibva Pano, Passion Java, Robert Mugabe Humiliated At Africa University
4 April 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Panganai Java and Robert Mugabe Junior came face to face with the wrath of suffering citizens when they were chased away from Africa University.

Angry students refused to be vexed by Java and Mugabe.

On Monday veteran journalist Hopewell Chin’ono wrote:

The mood has changed in Zimbabwe, youths are focused on change not gimmicks.

Mnangagwa’s clown, Passion Java was blue ticked at Africa University and security asked him and Robert a Mugabe Jr to leave.

Mnangagwa is hoping the fake prophet would bring the youth vote, not at AU!

Well done Africa University, don’t fall for cheap gimmicks!

Stay focused! The country has no single cancer machine and someone thinks they can hoodwink the youths with selfies.

Interestingly the fake prophet and Mugabe ended up selfing each other, AU students were having non of their usual gimmicks!

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