Mnangagwa To Be Defeated By Citizens’ Power – President Chamisa
5 April 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The outcome of the March 26 by-elections is a sign of great hope for the nation, Citizens’ Coalition For Change leader, President Nelson Chamisa has said.

According to President Chamisa, citizens are the “compass of politics, not politicians.”


The recent by-elections taught all that ultimately CITIZENS have the power to change things & define the direction of a nation.

CITIZENS are the compass of all politics,not political parties or politicians.

Thank you God Almighty. Thank you Citizens,” President Chamisa wrote on his official Facebook page.

In a statement CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba said:

The people’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa would like to thank all Citizens for coming out in large numbers and in the process sending an emphatic message about the possibilities of CitizensPower.

Today our inaugural 19 CCC Members of Parliament will be sworn in as the 1st batch of our team to form the next government. We are excited and we assure Citizens that all our 19 Parliamentarians will execute our citizen centered Parliamentary agenda by holding the Executive to account and sponsoring and supporting legislation that entrenches democracy, the rule of law, transparency & accountability.

We will also have later this week the swearing in of Citizens’ Councillors across the country.

This is all born out of the collective efforts of Citizens with the intention to win our country for total transformation.

2023 beckons and we urge every young person to REGISTER TO VOTE.

With love and solidarity always.

Your Champion in Chief