Cleric Commends President Chamisa’s Unwavering Faith
8 April 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Bishop Ancelimo Magaya of Zimbabwe Divine Destiny has said Zimbabwe needs a God-fearing and humble character who can lead the nation to prosperity.

Bishop Magaya described President Nelson Chamisa as a principled man following the Citizens’ Coalition For Change leader’s strong Christian views.

Last week President Chamisa wrote on his official Facebook page:


When men tell you to consult the spirits of the dead and the spiritists who whisper and mutter, shouldn’t a people consult their God instead?

Why consult the dead on behalf of the living? Isaiah 8:19-20 Happy Sabbath beloved! #Godisinit.”

Below is Bishop Magaya’s statement:
Advocate Nelson Chamisa is spot on!

The recent bold utterance by CCC leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa regarding our allegiance to the only one God is the first-ever to be coming from a political leader.

The utterance wherein he referred to the infallible and inerrant word of God which is the final law in all matters of faith, conduct and doctrine are significant at more than one level.
First, given that this is not ordinarily a populist statement, Chamisa demonstrates with clarity his deep sense of priority on matters of faith and politics.

If there are any who would feel offended by his reference to Isaiah 8 vs19, ′a portion of scripture from which I have been preaching since my high school days to current) to the extent that they would withdraw their vote in 2023, then I am certain that Chamisa would not mind losing votes for the sake of his unambiguous Christian stance.

Second, from my reading of his twit, it is clear that Chamisa has quoted that which is in the bible and has not condemned to immediate death those that consult the dead, neither has he suggested that he does not embrace them as equal citizens. He has just quoted scriptures.

Any conclusion that his utterance is divisive is driven by hatred of scriptures, hatred of Chamisa, and more than an excessive appeasement mindset. The remarks that I have heard to have come from some church leaders scandalizing Chamisa because of his love for scripture is ironically more descriptive of themselves than the Chamisa they are making a parody of, as they play to the gallery of those on whose behalf they display their anger.

It is tragic to speak it, yet true to say that these church leaders view Chamisa as a politician who should leave the matters of Christian faith to the church whilst they have not only remained mum when politicians within the ruling ZANU PF have lynched with impunity and made statements insinuating violence, but have also made statements regarding how they think the church should conduct itself: a matter that they know nothing about. THIS IS SAD.

It is also important to note that quoting scriptures and urging the citizens to adhere to the same is not a business that is restricted to the ordained Pastors. Chamisa has the right like any other believer whether Pastor or not to quote from the word of GOD.

Third, the reference to scripture by Nelson Chamisa has been an acid test on the church’s principles. It is clear that s church leaders’ foundations on the Christian faith are pathologically faulty. it should be noted that our Christian faith is anchored on GOD’s historic activity of calling out an assembly from Egypt which activity is quintessentially the antecedent of GOD’s formation of the church. Subsequent to the said historic calling out of the Israeli assembly, GOD made a covenant with them which covenant entails, interalia, that:

  1. Isreal would walk perfectly before GOD
  2. Isreal will serve no foreign gods
  3. They would not consult the dead on behalf of the living.

These remain fundamental today

It is actually sweet to the ears and heartwarming when a politician, moreso an aspiring national leader makes a statement that is anchored on the Holy scriptures.

Let us all learn to rise beyond myopic partisan lines and learn to affirm the light as we condemn darkness. GOD SAVE ZIMBABWE