Jordan Zemura Reveals Comfortable Role
10 April 2022
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Jordan Zemura says he has no problem taking either an attacking or defensive role while playing in the left-back.

The Bournemouth defender has been employed in both roles at the club and also in the Warriors national team.

He has made 30 appearances for Cherries this season, scoring three goals and creating one.

Discussing his performance this term with the Bournemouth Echo newspaper, Zemura said: “I feel like first and foremost I’m a defender, I’m a full-back, I play left-back.

“Of course, in the modern day it’s easy to see full-backs as attacking players and stuff like that, and you have a big input on the attacking side of the game.

“But for me, I like both sides of it. I don’t like shirking my responsibilities. I’ve got to defend.

“I’ve got to do better for the first goal, the ball goes over my head – I need to try to win it better.

“Obviously, when I can go forward, I like to help the team, of course, I enjoy that very much.- Soccer24 Zimbabwe