“We Need New Leaders, Not A New Currency”
10 April 2022
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The country’s inflation continues spiralling under President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s  government due to the imminent introduction of a new currency Z $100 note by the central bank  note as the local currency continues to plunge into the economic abyss.

By Leonard Koni- The centre is not holding. What kind of a country which always introduces a new currency every year? If we really had the strongest currency in the country surely we shouldn’t be introducing a new currency annually.

The country’s economy is again spiralling downwards without any hope of recovering. Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube is always blowing hot and cold and does not even have iota of an idea on how to fix the problem.

Be biggest scam of our generation was to believe that Mthuli was the best Finance Minister.

The so called strongest currency has become a mockery to the nation.

The appetite for looting the country’s resources is out of this world. All these economic challenges we are facing today were authored by this bogus government masquarading as the people’s government.

It’s unfortunate that we are slowly being thrown to the deep end of Gedion Gono’s hit and run economic policies.

No signs of life in the economy. There are not even plans set aside to refurbish or modernise our delapitating infrastructure and hospitals around the country. Some of our hospitals were built during the Ian Smith regime and are in a sorry state.

This deep economic crisis does not listen to party sloganeering or moved by party regalia but needs a leadership which will put all the hands on the deck and confront the challenges. It does not need political hallucinations from the likes of Obert Mpofu who said Zanu-PF will lead forever.

It is not about introducing new currency but it’s about introducing new inclusive ideas of politics through embracing other people’s ideologies and building strong democracies thus instilling confidence in the market.

Zanu-PF government has no capacity to steer the country to an economic powerhouse. This government is averse to stability.

Zimbabwe has a lot of emerging vibrant leaders fit for global hegemony but the country is being dragged backwards by political leaders who think they have a right to the title deeds to this nation.

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