CCC Members Arrested In Mutare
17 April 2022
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Zimbabwe Republic Police have arrested Citizens Coalition for Change members in ward 16, Dangamvura Chikanga Constituency for conducting a door to door campaign.

Those who are arrested are Chipo Chabvaneyi, Memory Kujeke, Jestina Changorora, Dadirai Wachi, Lina Makore, Gladys Chando, Conilia Mandiringa, Tsamwai Bonyongwe, Natalie Tsaukai, Melania Mpoga, Rosemary Muradzikwa, Elizabeth Sithole, Jefrey Nyamana and Zanele Sibanda.

They are now at Mutare Central and the charges are not yet laid against them.

Speaking to CCC Dangamvura Chikanga Organising Secretary John Nyamhoka, he said charges are not laid.

“Our members have been arrested in Chikanga near TM. They are now at Mutare Central Station and the charges are not laid.”

“They are trying to buy time so that they can spend the whole Easter Holiday inside the police.

There is no democracy at all”, said Nyamhoka.

Meanwhile, lawyers Innocent Gonese and Simon Chabuka are representing them.