FULL TEXT: Pastor Kasi Says Every Woman Is A Gossiper
20 April 2022
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Below is the full transcript of the 4 min video of the controversial preacher Admire Kasingakore as he defended himself over allegations that he is assaulting his young wife, Ivy Kombo.


The discussion was done as the two shot a live video at the Harare International Conference Centre on the 18th April 2022.

WIFE: If you just take things that you think will hurt you, if you take them in a positive way, you will see those things will end up in the right way.

HUSBAND: That’s when you will discover God’s purpose. That is the reason why, we ended up deleting the responses. Because we are not supposed to respond.

WIFE: That’s not our law (or rule)

HUSBAND: Our God said we do not respond .

WIFE: That is why we deleted it.

HUSBAND: We had actually bowed in to pressure people saying speak, speak come on, do it, speak, speak say this.

WIFE: But we are able to do that.

HUSBAND: Say this. But we are not built for that; we are not built for that. aah you would later on find out that the Bishop Generald today is not in your way.

WIFE: So we only leave it to those who can do it to continue saying and those who continue to lie, and so forth to do that, but we are not built for that. So we are really really sorry for these things, isn’t it?

HUSBAND: Yes, no, if we go to the point of stopping to respond, we are really sorry for that.

WIFE: We are sorry.

HUSBAND: At least you ended up hearing from us.

WIFE: Sorry. AAaaah sorry.

HUSBAND: And that is the reason why we took down the video, because we are not supposed, to do that in all our lives; you know it yourselves that from long ago long ago you know it well that when people ask, women do ask, if anyone is interviewed by a woman, every woman, every woman whether it be at ZBC, or anywhere else every woman looks for gossip to bring down another woman. But when that woman is interviewing a man…

WIFE: No they will be respecting, you see.

HUSBAND: Even a man who killed his wife yesterday, he will be interrogated in a big way, so, a Reverend if interviewed by male people, they are asked about today; they are interrogated in a big way.

WIFE: So right now, since I came to Zimbabwe I was given an award,

HUSBAND: Yes, No one is asking.

WIFE: I got a new album, I am working with a lot of people, I am doing a lot of things.

HUSBAND:There are many orphans that have been assisted.

WIFE: I have been in Chitungwiza, Chitungwiza guys, Chitungwiza came in numbers, you know. We have had a very progressive trip to be honest with you. And I think the devil was not happy.

HUSBAND: This is why I am saying if there was a man interviewing her, they would focus on asking all this work.

WIFRE: Aaah but Yeah right yeah, I am so smart so smart did you see me? Is it good? Is it good guys? Is it good?

HUSBAND: Thank you for your support. Please remind others we have we have 5 children together.

WIFE: Remember when everything is being said and done, we have 5 kids.

HUSBAND: 5 kids, One of them is at University imagine, imagine that at that level, someone is still asking things, when we have a child who is reaching 20 years. Have you run out of what to discuss with Reverend?

WIFE: Have we run out of issues to talk about?

HUSBAND: Can’t you ask her about all the work that she is doing up to this day? So now we know that no, so, the thing that we are saying today is love someone, just love each other.

WIFE: And just know that right now there is nothing that we are fixing, there’s nothing that we are dealing with, there is nothing we are trying to cover up, we have always been doing live videos guys, the 2 of us. So please here, please do not end up removing Copper Father here. Because me, if he is not here no, I am not complete. He is my better half. So I’m not complete. So please please guys, don’t do it again. Because it will never happen, what you want, but I know you guys, you love me.

HUSBAND: Thank you for your love.

WIFE: And you have a lot of love. I am just talking about other things; But as for you guys, I know it well.

HUSBAND: No, you, I know you. I know THE WAY IN WHICH WE LOVE EACH OTHER, that it is yayayayayaya!

WIFE: The encouragements I have received, the phone calls from America, from UK, from Zimbabwe, from Botswana, from South Africa, aaah, it’s so overwhelming guys. It’s really overwhelming. Aaah, big people calling me, in high offices in high authorities, calling me and wanting to find out if I am alright. No, I am good guys.

HUSBAND: Aaah all over all over America, UK, South Africa.

WIFE: Overwhelming support.

HUSBAND: What of Australia?

WIFE: Australia.

WIFE: Australia we won’t to forget you.

HUSBAND: What of United Kingdom?

WIFE: UK, oh my word.

HUSBAND: Or Zimbabwe?

WIFE: Zimbabwe oh yeah.

HUSBAND: All of Africa. We love you guys.

WIFE: From all over.

HUSBAND: Look at how smart mother is.

WIFE: We have always been doing live videos.

HUSBAND: So we are now entering in aren’t we?

WIFE: We are now entering the church service.

HUSBAND: We are now entering the meeting.

We just came out to love you.