Mnangagwa Says Holding Independence Gig In Bulawayo A Sign Of Devolution
20 April 2022
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By Agencies | 39 years after killing over 30,000 Matebele locals, and then afterwards denying the children of survivors birth certificates, Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the holding of the national independence there is a sign of devolution.

Mnangagwa passed the comment at a time his administration has been restricting local councils from attaining autonomy and in one video blatantly told his party members that they must ensure that all service delivery is frustrated.

The hosting of the 42nd Independence Day Anniversary in Bulawayo is history, Mnangagwa said at Babourfields Stadium on Monday.

He also stressed saying ‘the hosting of commemorative festivities outside the capital city is in line with the Second Republic’s thrust of devolution and decentralisation.’

Hence this year’s Independence celebrations together with the Children’s Party were held under the theme: “Leaving no one and no place behind”.
Reflecting on this, Bulawayo Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Judith Ncube said Bulawayo has proved its mettle, and commended stakeholders for making it all possible.
“On behalf of Bulawayo Province, I’m impressed by the successful hosting of the national Independence celebrations. We commend the high level of commitment shown by our people in ensuring the success of this big event,” she told the state media yesterday.

“Indeed, all programmes went smoothly and we thank Bulawayo for fully embracing the Independence spirit, our people did a great job, ngiyalibonga kakhulu (I thank you so much).
“This was not a small task, and, as you even saw the displays by various groups and organisations, it was all excellent. We did things together and the attendance was great. You also in the media played a huge role in raising awareness and telling the Independence story in full.” – state media additional reporting.