CCC Intensifies Fundraising Campaign
28 April 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens’ Coalition For Change(CCC) is ready to romp to victory in the Makoni Central ward 5 By-election.

CCC has also intensified fundraising initiatives .

See statement below:

Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) Namibia District commits to act for change!

Yellow revolutionaries in Namibia converged in their respective branches namely Windhoek, Northern and Rundu to commit and dedicate themselves to the much needed material and financial support to our foot soldiers towards by-elections due on the 7th May 2022.

Diaspora assemblies comprehend their revolutionary obligation to act morally ,materially and financially to win Zimbabwe for change. Namibia district committed to assist Citizens Coalition For Change candidate in Makoni Central Ward 5 towards his campaign and election processes.

South Africa Province was given a task to support the ward in the recruitment and mobilisation of voters in Rusape Town Council Ward 5.

Since Namibia is one of the districts in under Citizens Coalition For Change South Africa, three pragmatic and organic branches gave a nod to the noble cause to act for change. Rundu Branch, Northern Branch and Windhoek Branch undertook their meetings to conscientise our people on the dire need to contribute to the national democratic revolution.

It is clear that after the Zanu PF sponsored Mwonzora robbed us of our political finances through the Supreme Court Corona judgement.

Yellow revolutionaries in the above mentioned branches pledged to prosecute the national democratic struggle to its logical conclusion.

The three dedicated branches resolved to embrace participatory democracy as a sure way of winning the yellow revolution on the 7th May and during main meal in 2023 where the astute change champion in chief President Advocate Nelson Chamisa will win state power.

As a district, we encourage all change champions in Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, United Kingdom, America only to mention but a few to act for change as per our party agenda 2022. I personally salute the zeal among revolutionaries in Namibia who showed up yesterday to pledge their allegiance to the audible call for the change that delivers.

It has become our revolutionary responsibility to foot the financial bills of our foot soldiers on the ground who are enduring state-sponsored torture, abductions, arbitrary arrests and long pre-trial detentions of change champions. We are ready as change champions in the diaspora to mobilise resources to win Zimbabwe for socio-economic transfiguration.

Special salutations to the diligent district Chairperson Elisha Chambara and his entire executive who always advocate for a pragmatic approach to the Yellow Revolution. Amos Chiraya the commander in the Northern exhibited the quest for change by gathering change champions in his branch.

Furthermore, Rundu Branch also displayed their insatiable appetite for change in the motherland. The intention to embrace the Citizens’Action for Change agenda was made clear to all change champions. Secretary General Simbarashe Ndoda and Organiser Chiduku Lawrence made it categorically clear that the mandate of all diaspora assemblies is to give moral , material and financial support to the democratic movement. They emphasised on more action than mere talk, the message was well received by the present change champions.

We are already mobilising resources to support the victims of illegal recalls of our councillors and Mps who were unconstitutionally withdrawn from their positions.

I hope all diasporans who subscribe to the Yellow Movement are going to act for change through registering to vote for change, fight for the much desired diaspora vote , recruit ,mobilise family and friends to vote for the change that transforms people’s lives. Namibia district once gave solidarity to Mutasa Central Ward 15 in the recent by-elections. The issue of rigging and a festival of electoral irregularities is before the courts right now. As we gear up for 2023, we should audibly demand comprehensive political, constitutional and electoral reforms to avert disputed elections.

The district vowed to join others as a province to give support to our candidate Lyton Sithole.

Thank you all champions for your dedication to defeat satanism on 7 May by-elections.

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch interim spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya