Married Man Flees After Steamy Homosexual Romp Pics Leak On Social Media
15 May 2022
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By A Correspondent| Tungamirai Matongo (27), a man from Waterfalls in Harare allegedly went into hiding recently after intimate pictures of him and another man Nigel Mabhiza Chihobvu (29) leaked on social media.

The two stayed in the same neighbourhood of Waterfalls and Matongo is legally married to Tatenda Zuze (25).

It is suspected that the two have been dating clandestinely ever-since Matongo’s legal wife Zuze went to study abroad up until their steamy pictures surfaced online.

In some of the pics, there two can be seen frolicking naked, wearing wigs and high heels as well as other women range of lingerie.

Now, fellow residents of Waterfalls have not taken this lightly and they have recruited the family of Matongo’s alleged boyfriend Mabhiza Chihobvu to administer street justice to Matongo.

Our source says they group says it wants to remove the homosexuality in him (Matongo).

On Friday the 13th of May around the 6th hour of the night, the community vigilante group is said to have gone to Matongo’s place to institute what it termed as remedial action to Tungamirai.

The alert Matongo got wind of the plot, but it was a bit too late as he was severely beaten but managed to escape.

It is said sympathisers momentarily gave embattled Matongo sanctuary, but the vigilante group is not yet done with him.

The group is accusing Matongo of recruiting men into homosexuality as he did with Chihobvu and they have declared him a societal undesirable element.

Matongo’s story is not unusual.

Strict laws against homosexuality are embraced by Zimbabwe.

The country’s long-time hardman the late Robert Mugabe, infamously once compared gays to pigs and dogs.

During a 2015 speech at the U.N. Genral Assembly, he lashed out at the world body for trying to force gay rights reforms on Zimbabwe.

A 2006 revision to the country’s criminal code expands the penalty for sodomy to include acts that “would be regarded by a reasonable person as an indecent act.”

This could include two men holding hands, hugging, or kissing and could carry an extended prison term.

And Zimbabwe is not alone.

Homosexuality is outlawed in 35 African countries and punishable by death in two countries, Mauritania, and Sudan, as well as in areas of Somalia and Nigeria and Uganda according to Amnesty International U.K.