Auxillia Abuses Authority: Thulani Ndou
16 May 2022
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By Thulani Ndou | The First Lady of Zimbabwe Auxillia Mnangagwa once again displayed her evil character by using the state apparatus to try to gag Simba Chikanza, a journalist. After she called Chikanza via video call, showing off her expensive property ranging from golden chairs to diamond tables, she ended the call after thirty five odd minutes.
Chikanza was subjected to half an hour of insults, lectures, and repeating self pity blurts that are nothing but abusive. Having failed to cow Chikanza into silence; she then instructed her unconstitutional office to issue a press statement accusing Chikanza of trying to extort an interview from her.

The earlier discussion Chikanza had with Auxillia exposed her character in a way never seen before. She showed off her golden chairs while at the same time threatening Simba with unspecified action if he dares publish the conversation. She threatened him saying, “one day we will meet face to face.”

The issues she distracted the interview relate to her recent deployments of dangerous armed robbers to key national posts: all the country’s State Houses are now under the illegal Directorship of a convicted armed robber who is her own brother, and she this year has furthermore gone ahead to appoint the same armed robber, the paramount King of Mazowe-Chiweshe (Negomo).

She has appointed another armed robber, Delish Nguwaya, to the post of Director of a thieving so called Dutch investor, Mr. Delish Nguwaya, over the Pomona Dumpsite project. How many hospitals can Harare build with the USD14million which Auxillia Mnangagwa is making the city’s ratepayers pay the well known armed robber disguised as a Dutch Investor, Mr. Delish Nguwaya?

Mrs Mnangagwa behaves like she owns the country and everybody in it. Contrary to a press statement issued by Auxilia’s office the conversation was on record. Chikanza is not a friend to Auxilia thus any conversation is always on record.

Auxillia Mnangagwa herself called Chikanza via video on the official newsdesk phone.
Secondly, she broke trust by threatening Simba during the interview. She is known of issuing threats and physically assaulting people especially her staff at the state house and her official residence. It should be known that there has never been any trust between her and the media since the coup, no one has ever been allowed to critique her.
Auxillia has always patronised people using any power close to her.

The liberation struggle in Zimbabwe was fought and won on the impeccable principles of discipline, respect and honour. It is a shame that the First Lady has no honour neither does she have respect for any one. She is stubborn and as a nation we are cursed.

It was as much the firepower, the resilience and the bravery of heroes as it was their honour that triumphed. The same principles and values will sustain the next stage of the growth and development of Zimbabwe. Power, position and the excercise of authority must be hedged with a sense and excercise of responsibility.

Auxillia caused her office to write a press statement saying she was threatened by Simba Chikanza. Simba would swear that he,did not threaten Mrs Auxillia Mnangagwa other than informing her of what is inevitable, as it is standard practice to notify a source of the deadline before a story is published so they can ensure they have contributed fully. Unfortunately Twitter character space doesn’t allow for all these words to be typed. In any case who can threaten a bully who is the First Lady. Her allegations of being threatened are laughable.
Mrs Mnangagwa knows well the issues at stake are beyond the single one that she sites. They, as the video will reveal, also relate to one of armed robbers she has deployed to strategic national positions which placings now endanger the security of millions of Zimbabweans. She has taken over the job of the minister of local government by appointing her brother to be a chief.

This same brother has a criminal conviction of armed robbery. He is now a Director in the state house and a traditional chief. This posting places the people of Zimbabwe in danger.

Auxillia has a duty to tell the people of Zimbabwe “why he put his criminal armed robber brother as a chief and again promoting him to be a Director in the state house. Zimbabwean would want to know with the prevalence in armed Robbery how many armed robbers who are friends to Kutyauripo are being given shelter in the state house.

Auxillia has reduced the respect given to the state house by her uncouth forked tongue.
Mrs Mnangagwa also knowing well that the matter at stake is the ongoing looting of millions of USD’s of Harare ratepayer money, is just being unprofessional and downright criminal.

A series of allegations have been made against Mrs Auxillia Mnangagwa and her terrible twins who are publicly without shame looting the National purse.

The charges against Auxillia range from murder as in the murder of Doug Munatsi to fraud and money laundering. Zimbabweans deserve better.
Obviously it is easy to ask whether any of those are true. However, this is not the purpose of this piece. The purpose of this piece is to underline the fact that those that are linked to leadership position and therefore are in the public eye must be constantly be conscious of the relentless scrutiny on their being and on their behaviour and the characters that they associate with. This includes spouses of political and government leaders. They carry an immense responsibility to ensure that their conduct, actual or perceived, does not attract avoidable smear to themselves, to their spouses and to the government.
It should be mentioned that showing Auxillia’s house was no threat but just a stating of the conclusions the public will reach when they notice that her claim that she ‘sells tomatoes for a living’, totally contradicts the 24 karat golden chair she is sitting on. The video shows jewellery and other expensive things in the interior of the house, which threatens her image as an honest person.

Simba is fully aware that he must follow the rule that you have to seek to protect your source’s dignity and wellbeing, before your own. But Auxillia’s dignity can not override the need to protect the public from unprecedented corruption.

Clearly the press statement by Mrs Mnangagwa has not covered herself in glory by speaking as she did to Simba Chikanza.
She has not helped herself by associating with characters which are dubious including her robbery convict brother.