Mwonzora Stole Polling Agents’ Money in the Last By-Elections
29 May 2022
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In the first place you lied and promised polling agents money for 2018.

We had not asked you to give us that money because we knew Chamisa was responsible.

Douglas Mwonzora, and Linda Masarira – file pic

Because of your stupidity and poor judgement as a Leader, without thinking you lied to us
Dr Khupe said she even tried to advise you that you were making a big mistake but you ignored her.

MWONZORA could not even know that by simply giving one polling agent $10 USD he was going to fork out $440 000 USD.
Where was he going to get all that money.

In the last By elections Mwonzora promised us heaven on earth.
Mwonzora received $150 million dollars and the whole amount disappeared into thin air.

Again polling agents didn’t get anything as he had promised
Mwonzora is a pathological Lier, crook, trickstar, cheater, manipulator.

Mwonzora thinks everyone is a fool..

Mwonzora singlehandedly destroyed a once vibrant MDCt party within one and half years. What a poor leader.

What more time does he want to further destroy our party

No we must all stand up and SAVE MDC T from the useless Mwonzora

Mwonzora is not wanted by anyone in Zimbabwe
He got zeroes in the last by elections. Akasviba zvakaipa. Munhu haatengeseki. Bvunzai is ma loosing candidates. Imi takanyara during door to door Campaigns. Taiudzwa point blank kuti Mwonzora mutengesi, muZanupf, Itsotsi, haana leadership qualities.
Musaona vanhu vakanyarara vanotiziva veduwe.

A clear indication of total rejection by the people
Mwonzora must be blocked by all means.
Don’t vote for Mwonzora at the Congress because nothing will ever change in MDCt as long as he is the President.
Going to the 2023 General elections Mwonzora as the MDCt candidate we will get Zeroes again.
MDCt supporters.must SAVE their great party by voting out Mwonzora at the Congress.
We see blind and dull Boaz, Damba, Gapare, Mhondiwa are busy helping and defending the Failed Leader Mwonzora

MDC needs a new pragmatic Leader and President who will raise the MDCT party to some great heights.

Loice Mutimbanengwe