Moreblessing Abduction: New Dispensation A Fallacy
30 May 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

Moreblessing: The resurgence of ZANUPF sponsored abductions.

It’s day 6 after the enforced disappearance of Moreblessing a well known CCC member and community leader in Chitungwiza.

She was abducted by well known zanupf thugs. The story of Moreblessing is one of the glaring signs that the new dispensation is a fallacy, a lie and impossible under Mnangagwa.

The regime has gone back to its default fascist mode. No one is safe.

The state has turned against its citizens. We have informed the police so that we upheld the law and ensure that we bring Mobby back. Our lawyers are working flat out to help bring this great citizen back home.

Noone must lose life on account of politics. Life is sacrosanct,Mobby must be released.