Chief Nearly Knifed
3 June 2022
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In a stranger than fiction story, a traditional leader “escaped” a lightning attack that had been meant to kill him for enforcing customary law in his area of jurisdiction.
Chief Siachilaba, born Nonah Mungomba, told B-Metro that he is lucky to be alive after a lightning bolt struck a hut in his homestead moments after walking out to answer a phone call.

Some societies in Zimbabwe believe that lightning can be used for evil deeds such as killing an enemy.

It’s believed to be used as part of witchcraft practices.

Chief Siachilaba said he was targeted for enforcing customary law in his area.

But he vowed to keep exercising his duties even if it meant he will be a target of such witchcraft practices.

“I invited a popular Bulawayo prophet to come to my area to help sick people and also get rid of evil creatures that some community members are using for witchcraft purposes.

“It appears that the invitation did not sit well with some people and I was a victim of a lightning attack, which luckily I survived.

“My hut was burnt to the ground and the person responsible said he wanted me dead for acting out my traditional leadership roles,” said Chief Siachilaba.

How did he know who was responsible for the attack?

“Last week, Prophet Mutumwa was in Binga and he told me that he was ready to name that person in order to get rid of the muthi that he uses to target his enemies,” he said. Mutumwa has been on a tour of Binga praying for the ailing.

“I won’t mention that person but I’m happy that he agreed to let the prophet get rid of the muthi,” he added.

Mutumwa said it’s true that lightning can be used to target perceived enemies.

“It’s not uncommon for lightning to be used to kill people and those that believe in its power go to great lengths to own such muthi.

“The Chief asked me to come back to his area and pray for sick people there,” said Mutumwa.— B Metro