Chinamasa A Liberation Struggle Sellout
6 June 2022
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Liberation Struggle Sellout Chinamasa Shut Up!!”

By Jeffryson Chitando

An Ian Smith blueboy Patrick Chinamasa must shut up as he has nothing to teach Zimbabweans about the liberation struggle history ,aims and objectives.

Chinamasa has a great history ,appetite and energy for fighting the people’s cause.His history is about going against the majority of Zimbabweans.

Chinamasa to threaten Zimbabweans not to vote Citizens Coalition For Change with war is a reckless statement coming from one who doesn’t know the reasons of going to war.

Chinamasa must remember that with his friends Ian Smith and Muzorewa they were fighting against One Man One Vote.All liberation struggle fighters know that it’s impossible for Zimbabweans to wage a war against Chamisa’s CCC as the power is with the voters.

The Zimbabwe National Army is not a wing of ZanuPF.ZNA is there for any government of the day .ZNA is to protect Zimbabweans not a madman like Chinamasa.ZNA wants a stable economy, good leadership for Zimbabwe and democratically elected leadership.

Chinamasa must know that he does not own the army nor the weapons .The ZNA and all military weapons are owned by the people of Zimbabwe.

Chinamasa must be possessed by the evil spirit which made him support Ian Smith and Muzorewa to fight the people of Zimbabwe.

Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good for Citizens who want better change in Zimbabwe