Nick Mangwana Issues Major Death-Threat that Invalidates Future Elections
10 June 2022
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By A Correspondent | The Government Spokesperson, Nick Mangwana has passed an announcement that invalidates future elections in Zimbabwe by saying the opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s supporters belong to the cemetery.

Mangwana who is also a British nurse, issued the death threat saying, by failing to stop his supporters, Nelson Chamisa is now the leader of a party of people who belong to the cemetery.

His comments follow those of his boss, Emmerson Mnangagwa who says all election winners are corpses and Zimbabwe’s majority belong to the world of the dead. (video)

Said Mangwana:

“If I were a leader of an opposition political party and my supporters were busy pouring libation to the spirit of Ian Smith, I would know I have failed to inspire them.

“They have failed to get a political home except a cemetery.”

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commissio was still to comment over the matter at the time of writing-