Headmaster Has Looted School Fees
14 June 2022
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Dear Sirs.

In a clear case of misappropriation, mismanagement and funds abuse, Murowa Primary School headmaster and the school development committee use school fees to buy themselves groceries including bread and soft drinks. Each time a member of the SDC visits the school s/he is rewarded with a grocery voucher paid from the school fees. Due to this lucrative benefit, the SDC members are now literally camped at the school premises and non productive meetings are being held weekly to make sure that they sanitize the looting of school fees.

This move has angered the parents/guardians as their children are being chased away from school for non payment of fees which is unconstitutional and against the pronouncements made by His Excellence President E. D Mnangagwa. The headmaster and the SDC members have the guts to tell the parents that they don’t care about what the constitution and The President say thereby disregarding the constitution and undermining His Excellence The President. Surely, a situation whereby a headmaster and a handful people consider a national constitution as a mere toilet paper and reduce a duly elected President to a mere citizen is barbaric and reminiscent of talibanism.

It is common knowledge that Murowa School ranks as one of the lowest in terms of academic pass rate in the Midlands province. The reasons are very obvious to the parents and these reasons have been raised on several occasions with Distinct Education Office in Zvishavane but with no remedial action. There is no teaching taking place at Murowa school. Most of the teachers spend their time sun basking, talking, politics or even absent doing their personal errands. There is no supervision as the headmaster a well known boozer spend most of his time at the local shops. Everyday of the week most senior teachers are on strike complaining of poor remuneration. Its a fact that teachers like most workers in Zimbabwe are poorly remunerated but they must face their employer instead of punishing the innocent pupils. Sadly in this regard these teachers accuse the parents of voting “wrongly” hence their strike takes a political dimension. The parents are really tired of these teachers who have overstayed their welcome and therefore pray for their immediate redeployment.

Most pupils, about 75% are on BEAM simply because Murowa Ward is one of the poorest places in Zimbabwe and poverty stinks from household to household. The poverty has been worsened by the recent crop failure and parents are failing to make ends meet. Surprisingly pupils under BEAM whose fees is paid by end of year are not being sent home while those whose parents pay every term are being sent home. There is need to treat these pupils fairly. Also there is need for a mechanism that ensures pupils who are fully paid get quality education irrespective of the teachers being on strike. The moment parents pay fees a contract would have been signed to the effect that pupils will receive quality education from the teachers. So anything to the contrary is breach of contract and any aggrieved part must seek recourse.

Our last plea is for the Presidency to intervene and save our children who are the future leaders bearing in mind that education is a basic right.

Disappointed Parents

Murowa Community Zvishavane.