BREAKING: ZRP In Major Flop As Simba Chisango Announces Own Mother Is Guilty Of Moreblessing Murder CoverUp
19 June 2022
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | The Zimbabwe Republic Police was at the weekend left exposed for unprofessionalism when the brother to the chief suspect in the murder case of CCC activist Moreblessing Ali, Simba Chisango revealed how the cops have failed to arrest his mother for keeping the victim’s corpse for over 3 weeks at her property.

The force was further exposed when in very clear terms, Simba Chisango who is the Nyatsime ZANU PF Chairperson, revealed that his mother is an accomplice in the murder of the 46 year old council worker.

Chisango openly revealed that his mother is guilty of concealing the murder.

Moreblessing Ali disappeared on the night of the 24th May and Chisango in a 30th May interview told ZimEye she was still alive on that day.

The police who instead of arresting several murder accuseds, has in recent days moved to apprehend rather, the victim’s only lawyer, Job Sikhala. In their reportage, the police said Chisango’s brother, Pius Jamba kidnapped Moreblessing, killed her in a nearby bush, and came back to cut her body up before deciding to dump the remains in a nearby well. All this happened sometime during the 3 week period when he later fled to Hurungwe.

Simba Chisango directed journalists to his mother saying she is the one who kept the corpse a secret. He answered clearly saying his mother had done something he should not be held to account on, that is, hiding the corpse, or concealing knowledge of it.

Chisango spoke to ZimEye, on Saturday and the following was the part transcript:

Chisango: “what do you want me to answer you when the corpse was found where it was ? ..

ZimEye: yes the corpse was found, but how did you fail to know of it when it was at the home?

Chisango: Are you now making me out to be a prophet or what?

ZimEye: This is your mother’s house and it’s not very far from where you live, comrade.

Chisango: Why do you appear like you don’t have a mother? If your mother does something, does it mean I am the one who has done it?

The revelations mean that Chisango’s mother, per his words, was hiding Moreblessing Ali’s corpse at her property, contrary to the police account that suggests that the victim’s dismembered remains were found in a distant well. This might also mean Chisango’s mother was there when Moreblessing was killed, if true that the victim was still alive on the 30th May, which means a wounded Moreblessing Ali was likely kept alive for several days at  the mother’s home. Forensic Scientist and TV whistleblower, Shepherd Yuda told ZimEye, the body’s state of decomposition suggests Moreblessing was kept alive for several days after the disappearance on the 24th May.

Drone flights by ZimEye between the 30th May and 7th June led this news network to Simba Chisango’s own home where even kids were being chased away to ward them off Chisango’s home.

It leaves to be seen if the police will perform an arrest on the mother after they apprehended instead, the murder victim’s only lawyer, Job Sikhala over a religious cultural statement he was instructed to announce, per his duty to the family.

Analysts speculate that the police are simply covering up for ruling party ZANU PF members behind the crime. Meanwhile, the family has announced demands saying there will not be any burial until Sikhala is released and all charges against him dropped.    FULL INTERVIEW BELOW