Teachers Union Exerts Pressure On Mnangagwa To Release Masaraure
27 June 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe ( ARTUZ) has vowed to confront the Zanu PF regime over the arrest and detention of its president Obert Masaraure.

In a statement on Sunday, ARTUZ secretary general, Robson Chere, accused the Zanu PF regime of using the persecution by prosecution gimmick to silence dissenting voices.

“He is not with his family right now , he is in prison for the simple reason of Fighting for labour rights.

Lets join hands and demand justice for him. As a Union we are also not going to fold hands and allow our President being persecuted .

FreeObert #justiceforobert,” Chere posted on Facebook.

CCC welfare officer Maureen Kademaunga on Saturday denounced the incessant persecution of political activists by Zanu PF.

Kademaunga said:
“Was at Chikurubi to visit Hon Job WiwaSikhala, Hon G. Sithole , Masaraure Obert , Jeche, Guzha and Makoma. I am sore.

The regime can’t abuse us like this and we carry on with life as usual.
Our lack of active solidarity is trechorous and may corner us into breaches of culpability.”