Khupe Throws Mwonzora Under The Bus Mobilises Support For Chamisa
4 July 2022
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By-Former Deputy Prime Minister, Thokozani Khupe, said Zimbabweans should resoundingly vote for CCC in the next year’s elections.

Khupe said Nelson Chamisa-led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) was the only game in town.

Khupe made the remarks recently while addressing CCC supporters during the by-election victory celebrations for Nkulumane legislator Kucaca Phulu in Bulawayo. Khupe said:

We are also proud of our party, CCC, in that on March 26, it contested polls when it was just two months old but it clobbered a party which had been in existence for five decades.

Out of the 28 parliamentary seats, CCC got 19 and ZANU-PF got only nine. Out of 105 Council seats, CCC won 75 and ZANU-PF got only 22. This shows that CCC is the only game in town.

Khupe challenged voters to vote for CCC in large numbers to ensure that the party forms the next government. She said:

What is also important is that yes, we went to vote on March 26 and voted in our MP, (Kucaca) Phulu, and voted in our councillor (Earnest) Rafamoyo, what remains is that the puzzle is not complete.

Come 2023 we must complete the puzzle. The puzzle is only going to be completed when Chamisa goes to the State House.

For now, if Phulu goes to Parliament to represent you, who will he talk to since his president is not at the State House?

The same applies to Rafamoyo, even if he goes to Council, who will he talk to since his president is not at the State House?

Badala, come 2023 as Nkulumane we must generate more than 25, 000 votes for Chamisa to go to the State House.

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