Baba Harare In Voter Mobilisation Drive
6 July 2022
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By A Correspondent| Popular Jit music singer Braveman Chizvino better known as Baba Harare has urged young people to register to vote, a call that has riled pro-ruling party supporters who were quick to label him a ‘spend force’.

Posting on Twitter, Baba Harare who rose to fame when he released the hit song Hat Dzemurara said young people should vote in order to decide their future.

“A useful message to the youth would be participation in deciding your future through #RegisterToVoteZW toxic positivity yokunzi work harder with people connected to the hilt tabhoo,” said Baba Harare.

He followed up with another tweet this morning where he reinforced his message to young people saying his supporters are mostly youths to whom he has a social responsibility to remind to register to vote.

“I have a following, my following is within the voting age demographic That means I have a social responsibility to remind them #RegisterToVoteZW I hope this answers those asking my motivation. Good morning,” added Baba Harare.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF moles descended on the versatile music with one Nicole Hondo mocking the opposition for housing spend force musicians.

“Clearly CCC is a retirement home for struggling musicians. All the best with that,” Hondo charged.

Baba Harare responded by reminding Hondo that his call was not partisan but his birth right as a Zimbabwean.

“Voter registration is non partisan. It’s my birth right as a Zimbabwean. I should not be a struggling musician if we had a functioning music industry,” responded Baba Harare.