Stray Lions Terrorise Masvingo Villagers
7 July 2022
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By- Parks and Wildlife Authority has issued stray lions alert to villagers in the Chisase area under Chief Nyajena in Masvingo.

The three lions are reportedly killing villagers’ livestock and there is also concern over the safety of children who attend Chisase Primary and Chisase Secondary schools.

 Zimparks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said villagers should not walk at night. 

He said:

We have received a report on stray lions and our officers are on the ground tracking the animals.

We encourage the community to minimise movements at night and secure their pens during this difficult time.

Supreme Sibanda, village head for Village 12 in Chisase told The Mirror that the lions have been attacking livestock at night. He said:

The lions have caused havoc since Tuesday last week. Villagers have lost cattle, donkeys and goats.

The lions seem to be coming out of hiding at night because no attack has happened during the day.

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