Kandishaya Rips Into Tsenengamu Over Kasukuwere Praise
14 July 2022
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Taurai Kandishaya

By A Correspondent| The Zanu PF youth league deputy political commissar Taurai Kandishaya has come out guns blazing against former Mash Central ruling party youth leader Godfrey Tsenengamu.

In an interview with ZimEye, the controversial Kandishaya said Tsenengamu’s press conference yesterday were he seemed to be rooting for the return of former minister Kasukuwere was a nonentity.

“It is a lie that Tsenengamu toured the whole of Mashonaland Central province given how he is incapacitated.

“He owns a Honda Fit and you can’t tell me that car can access Mbire,”rebuffed Kandishaya.
He described Tsenengamu as a loafer and having squandered his fortune whilst holding the influential political commissar post in the national youth league.

“For all the years he was in the youth league,Tsenengamu is the only one from that executive who does not own a house of his own and even a residential stand at a growth point.

“He owns a farm but has never delivered a tonne of maize to GMB .Tsenengamu was a serial womanizer and is now paying maintenance fees to numerous women he sired children with ,”he slammed.

The fiery Zanu PF activist portrayed Tsenengamu as a failed politician.

“Tsenegamu is among the most unwanted former Zanu PF leaders in Mash Central.He has also failed to complete his term of office twice because of his corrupt deeds,”added the youth league deputy political commissar.

According to Kandishaya ,it is entirely untrue that people in Mashonaland Central are yearning for the return of ‘Tyson’ Kasukuwere.

“It’s a false notion to say people in Mash Central want the return of Kasukuwere who is just another spent force like former Vice President Joyce Mujuru, Nicholas Goche among many others,”Kandishaya said.

At his press conference yesterday, Tsenengamu who now fronts the Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) said only CCC leader Nelson Chamisa and exiled former minister Kasukuwere have the capabilities of saving the country’s economy from a free-fall.