Mnangagwa Administration Created For Stealing- Biti
18 July 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration was created exclusively for stealing, CCC vice president Hon Tendai Biti has said.

According to Hon Biti, the pace at which Mr Mnangagwa’s cronies are stealing State resources is alarming.

The tough-talking politician also denounced the persecution of perceived Zanu PF opponents.

“A government created exclusively for looting .By the time the kakistocrats are through ,Zimbabwe will be a carapace , a cleaned out carcass . Shame on them #FreeWiwa #FreeGodfreySithole #FreeObertMasaraure #JusticeForMoreblessing #ZanuPFmustfall

Job Sikhala,Godfrey Sithole&Obert Masaraure are languishing in prison whilst bandits in suits are pretending to govern the country.

The weaponization of the law is a defining character of this short lived regime. Job, Godfrey &Obert are innocent,” Hon Biti wrote on Twitter.