Mnangagwa Reduces ZRP Cops To Vagrants
31 July 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

Our people have been humiliated and stripped of their dignity by this Zanupf government.

The regime is carefree and indifferent- it’s all about them and never about the present and the future.

They have villagized the military, and militarized the village.

Soldiers turned to robbers thanks to mismanagement of the economy.

Teachers have been a laughing stock and doctors getting a salary far below the Poverty Datum Line.

Graduates wake up at the blessing of an empty stomach and a jobless existence.

Pensioners queue long hours only to be given a middle finger by Mthuli Ncube’s worthless bond notes.

Students are failing to register because of privatization and commodification of education.

Only Mnangagwa, his family and a few parasitic are enjoying the fruits of our hard earned political independence.