CCC Visits Victims Of Hynena Attack
2 August 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens Coalition for Change members on Monday visited victims of the hyena attack at Masvingo Provincial Hospital.

The marauding hyena attacked Robert Maroyi, his wife Muchanyara Maroyi and son Rwatinga Maroyi as the three tried to protect their cattle.

CCC members Struggle Desire Nyahunda and Councillor Aleck Tabe presented donations to the hyena attack victims.

“Today(Monday) we visited the victims of Hyena attack who are admitted at Masvingo Gen Hospital who are from Zaka.

Cncllr @TabeAleck , Ward 4 coordinator & other @CCCMasvingo champions we presented our small benevolence.

Let’s rescue this family, they need our hand,” Nyahunda said in a statement.