Mliswa Drops Damning Susan Mutami Chats
3 August 2022
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By James Gwati-Norton, MP Temba Mliswa said he would be releasing his chats with his former lover Susan Mutami whenever she posts any further claims.

The two have a boy child, and their relationship turned sour after Susan “lied” that she gave birth to twin babies. According to Mliswa, Susan later said she gave birth to one baby boy.

Since then, Mliswa has demanded some DNA tests to ascertain that he was indeed the father of the said son.

On Wednesday, Mliswa said that should Susan continue talking about him, he would post their private communication on social media.

Posted Mliswa:

I will simply respond to any of her fake stories about me with her own posts showing a different picture. Other politicians have been cowed into silence&fear by the shock of her utterances but not me. I don’t& won’t shy from a fight, moreso where one is lying barefaced!