Mavaza: Chamisa A Dictator In Waiting
5 August 2022
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By Dr Masimba Masimba | Many Zimbabweans have been laying into the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).
Joined by many democratic countries, their disdain for the CCC’s approach to party governance and next year’s crunch elections, is based with the way the CCC is being run. It is a true replica of dictatorship and this has costed them some support from their original handlers. The absence of clearly laid out structures or a constitution has put CCC and Chamusa in the group of a dictatorship led party.

As a democratically elected leader, getting absolute power is no easy feat. Dictatorships are often characterised by some of the following: suspension of elections and civil liberties; proclamation of a state of emergency; rule by decree; repression of political opponents; not abiding by the rule of law procedures, and cult of personality.
Chamisa had managed to ring fence his ambitions by expanding his power base through nepotism and corruption and sexual favours. He has set a way to abuse his leadership for what ever he will do will not be in breach of any constitution since he does not have any constitution to respect. The question Zimbabweans should ask is What will Chamisa do once he is in the State house. His actions now demonstrate that if powerful he will always find ways to abuse his privileges. Be warned, though: You will eventually be rumbled, so corruption tends to work only in the short term. Will this be tje Zimbabwe we want where the president is not governed by any law. Where he does what he wishes whenever he does. Are we serious as Zimbabweans in even thinking that Chamisa should be voted into power.
Chamisa could not hold MDC together. Will he hold the nation together. Chamisa made sure to surround himself with loyal kin whom he can trust to do what’s best for him and his family.
The former minister of Higher Education and the brains behind CCC formation prof Moyo said he was being hard on the Nelson Chamisa-led outfit because it had positioned itself as the country’s main opposition party and alternative to ruling Zanu PF. In defending their aitocratic rule in CCC they said
“The CCC has resisted attempts to corner it into setting up party structures, maintaining their new strategy is bearing fruit and supporters will choose their representatives through their consensus.”
Chamisa has gone as far as blasting those pushing for structures, labelling them Zanu PF coaches. Ironically he said these words during a memorial service of a lawyer and an adent beliver in constitutionalism Alex Magaisa. It was not surprising because Chamisa has been known for turning any funeral into a power grab platform.
“Since CCC styles itself as the main opposition and the only democratic alternative in Zimbabwe; its constitution-less and structureless self raises public interest issues!” said Moyo in response to questions on why he was now against the party he helped to form. Obviously CCC was formed as an offshoot of a G40 but as greedy hamisa will prove Jonathan Moyo was to be sidelined together with anyone who poses as a threat to Nelson Chamisa.
Chamisa has Instigated a monopoly on the use of violence to attract international attention.
Party Dictators cannot survive for long without disarming the people and buttering up their executive.Yet democracies are not always more popular than dictatorships. In reality, members if the CCC prefer dictatorships because Chamisa has put the alternative is chaos. This explains the euphoria about Chamisa Chete Chete which a dictatorial slogan by nature.
Indeed, when given the choice in an experiment, people will desert an unstructured group (analogous to an anything-goes society) and seek the order of a “punishing leaderbwho knows it all alone. The lesson: Any aspiring dictator who restores order, even through coercion, is likely to earn the gratitude of his people. So Chamisa has earned the gratittude of the CCC members and he rules the party as his personal property. Can you imagine him as the president of Zimbabwe. God forbid.
Chamisa’s followers would always ask “Why are you going on and on about #CCC over its lack of a constitution and structures? Stop it”. And Prof Moyo said “Since #CCC styles itself as the main opposition and the only democratic alternative in Zimbabwe; its constitutionless & structureless self raises public interest issues”
Proffessor Moyo was last year touted as a likely addition to the CCC, having offered his services to train the party’s election agents on how to deal with possible rigging by Zanu PF.
The former Tsholotsho legislator had even offered to finance election agents in his former constituency as part of support for Chamisa and his CCC, then MDC Alliance.
Moyo was previously a strong proponent of change, using Chamisa’s hashtags and phrases but he has dumped all that and dismissed the popular #GodIsInIt phrase he had adopted. He has even suggested that the CCC be barred from running in future elections. The members of CCC executive were so much afraid of Moyo because he rendered their positions unsafe. Dor them to be believed by Chamisa they made him believe that there is no other leader but Chamisa.
Then Chamisa started to Curry favour by providing promising public goods efficiently and generously. He came up with tje plea” imbondipai nyika ino for one day inoerera uchi nemukaka. Benevolent dictatorship is being practised by Chamisa and his CCC. Chamisa believes that ordinary people could not be entrusted with power because it would corrupt them, he believes they must not even be allpwed to have a say in the runnings of their party. To that end he is refusing to have a constitution or simply guide lines. He is aware that economics is the major stabilizing force in society so he attacks Zimbabwean economy in order to starve the people of Zimbabwe to poverty. To this end, he effectively eliminated all opposition by using his foot leakers to expell thise suspected to ne against him. To implement his economic policies. CCC members are tolerating these restrictions on their freedom because they sre lied to that God is in it. The ways of a dictator are sleak. Chamisa hopes that his fake promises for restoring the economy and develop large infrastructural projects lile sparget roads will strengthen his power base. But he is forgeting that the Zimbabweans are now wiser. They work with what they can see.
Chamisa did try to Get rid of his political enemies and embreced some like Biti in the hope that the bear hug will neutralize them. So Chamisa has learnt to Keep his political enemies close to him.
Chamisa has resorted to Creating and defeating a common enemy Dictatorships feed on problems and other external help because these justify their existence. Chamisa would want the world to think that Zimbabwe is in serious trouble and is busy suppressing the descending voices. The truth of the matter is that a dictator in waiting will want to appear as a saviour.
More than half of 20th-century rulers engaged in battles at some point during their reign, either as aggressors or defenders. Among dictators, the proportion rises to 88 per cent. Democratic parties find this tactic more difficult to adopt because most wars are unpopular with voters. To attract support, the opposition must be perceived as a defender, not a warmonger
The point Chamisa is doing is to Start a war when your position as leader becomes insecure.

Chamisa is trying to Accumulate power by manipulating the hearts and minds of your citizens. Zimbabweans are being fooled by Chamisa even the Lunatic street pastor Chiwenga said it.
One of the first actions of any aspiring dictator should be to control the free flow of information, because it plugs a potential channel of criticism. So Chamisa is gifted by having the control of private media and has employed and deployed his click soldiers on Social media. He ha tUrned the social media into a propaganda machine for his CCC party like Hitler did. Democratically elected leaders of political parties are somewhat more restrained, but if they have enough powers, they can rig an election or do away with meddlesome journalists or, if money is no object, build their own media empire.
Unsurprisingly, these outlets and social media carefully manage Chamisa’s public image and shielded him from criticism. But Zimbabweans can nolonger be fooled. Aspiring dictators like Chamisa do realise that muzzling the media is most effective in an ordered society:
So Chamisa has been taught by his remaining handlers to Control the media or, even better, own the media. It’s as simple as that.
Like most dictators Chamisa has Created an ideology to justify an exalted position.
Throughout history, leaders have used or in some cases invented an ideology to legitimize their power. So Chamisa is trying to be both political leader and priest, who claimed to be communicating with the gods in order to bring about a victorioud election hence God is init mantra.
Conveniently, this ideology often passed as an explanation of why the Chamisa should occupy the role for life, and why the post should pass to his appointed person. Accordingly, this party CCC spends much time and effort talking about faith to give a formal structure to his power.
Dictatorship, or autocracy, is a system of ruling by one person with absolute power who has no legal restraints on his actions or decisions. He has no constitutional obligations to bind him. The term “dictatorship” comes from the Latin word “dictator”—a magistrate in the Roman Republic who was given absolute power for a short time to deal with a crisis.
A modern dictator is a national leader of a political system who wields absolute power in running his party. This does not fall very far from Chamisa.
The fear every Zimbabwean has is what will happen if Chamisa becomes the president. Hopewell Mbudzi yadhura CHIN’ONO will be the minister of information. Can you even begin to imagine what a nation under ten cruel Pharoes in one will Zimbabwe be.
The only way to stop a dictator like Chamisa from our government is to register to vote and vote for ZANU PF the party which fought for independence and freedom.

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