Man Dies In Prayer Fasting
8 August 2022
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BY-Harare man has reportedly died of hunger at a mountain in Murewa during a week-long prayer and fasting vigil.

The now-deceased Emulate Chakara (43) of East View in Harare was discovered dead by a villager who had gone to the foot of the Murewa mountain to relieve himself.

Police in Mashonaland East province confirmed the incident in a statement.
It is reported that on July 27, the deceased and his friend Tineyi Kachiri (47) travelled to Mhurudze mountain in Murewa for a week-long prayer and fasting session.
After two days, Chakara told his colleague that he wanted to disembark from the mountain, but was advised not to do so since it was late.

They slept on the mountain until around midnight when Kachiri woke up and discovered that his friend was missing.
The deceased did not return to the mountain until the following day, prompting Kachiri to report the matter to a village head.
On August 2, Chakara’s body was discovered by a villager at the foot of the mountain who reported the matter to the police.
The deceased’s body was ferried to Musami Hospital where a post-mortem indicated that the deceased died of low sugar in his body.