Popular Harare Slay-Queen In Suicide Threats
10 August 2022
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By-Harare social media personality Jackie Ngarande has threatened to commit suicide over what she said to take a “very abusive and toxic situation.

In a live broadcast on her Facebook page Wednesday, the socialite said she felt like killing herself as she had tried her best.

 She said:

Fortue, I’m tired, I just want to die. I’ve put everything in order. My bag there is packed has everything. My policy is up to date.

It’s always been my wish to die first that you give me a proper burial. Bury me to my father’s left. Take care of the family. I love you Fortue….. I’m going through a lot.

You comfort me, you do a lot but I’m sorry brother, I have to die. I don’t want to mention people’s names because I don’t want to destroy people.

I’ve everything that any person can wish for but I’m tired. I just want my brother, hanzvadzi yangu Fortue to come and take me. Ndakatadzeiko ini?