Hired Zanu PF Activists Disrupt Memorial Service For CCC Official
15 August 2022
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Hired Zanu pf members tried to distrupt a CCC member’s Memorial Service.

On Sunday 7 August in ward 1 Mupfugami Village in Zimuto area Masvingo North, a highly attended memorial service shocked people.

People were gathered for the Memorial Service for the late change champion Talent Wapendama who was wife to a passionate writer and change champion Timothy Muswere.

Much to marvel were the dancing routines from an Apostolic Church which put everyone into the dancing circles. Later on the mood was hyped with connection of a strong PA system where the DJ went along the late Talent’s playlist.

The burial of Talent again once sent shockwaves to Zanu pf as the rural folk joined welcomed the solidarity in which CCC brought about. Zanu pf held a series of meetings to try intimidate people from not attending however the villagers went otherwise. Churches, politicians,students attended the event. Among other great names in attendance were Former minister and CCC Deployees Dzikamai Mavhaire, former legislator J Chitando, Kingsley Sibanda, elected councillors and fomer councillors, Roki Kamuzonda, Chawatama, Sam Chapfudza, Ruth Mapiye, Murinye just to mention but afew. The legal fraternity were also in attendance with lawyer Frank and Moses Mavhaire in attendance. The number of women in attendance really expressed how women remember and give respect to one of their fellow woman.

Zanu pf local councillor and chairman hired a T35 Lorry and came to the event to distrupt, however the Alert CCC members had strategically set a peaceful joker. The few old aged zanu pf people were less than 12 after the local youths snubbed the zanu pf appeal and attended the event.

Zanu pf leader known as Oby tried to stop the event to no avail as all people the general citizens and not politicians resisted the move which was disrespectful even to the family and friends of the deceased. In a statement , husband to the late Talent said it was so sad that when we remembering our better half Zanu pf tries to win unwilling souls at a wrong event using a violent way. He vowed that Talent’s heroism deserves an every year Tribute event that which they would do without failure.

Speaker after speaker expressed shock on the number of people in attendance and how the late has attracted so much solidarity.