Polad Slaps Down SA Minister for Failing to Recognize and respect POLAD
15 August 2022
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To Members of the Press.

FULL TEXT | Pando Offside on Zimbabwe situation – Polad

It is with great disgrace that our fellow African sister, Minister Pando, speaks unguided by the real truth in Zimbabwe.

We as Political Actors Dialogue, Polad invite her for a fact finding mission such that maybe she can have the reality of the big efforts on the ground.

Minister N Pando stated several points in which she failed to recognized the effort of the retired H.E K Mothlande led commission. The recommendations led to the formation of POLAD. This became a multifaceted dialogue amongst patriotic political players and brought in oneness in building the nation in which the Government of Zimbabwe led by H.E Dr ED Mnangagwa implemented swiftly showing his willingness to dialogue with other political players.

In her statements she failed to recognize and respect POLAD and calls for an inclusive political dialogue involving all political formations/parties, stakeholders (civil society groups, churches, Labour, ..) and groups (war vets, etc.) yet Polad in its function has continually engaged such stakeholders in its development. The Minister Pando is showing ignorance on what is happening in Zimbabwe.

South Africa however has its own serious problems of barbaric Xenophobia, mob crime and rampant looting, destruction of private property. They should concentrate in putting down their own fire before trying to water down our dying charcoal… We as Zimbabweans have never denied our shortfalls but however can not be schooled by holier than thou clan from the South who have no clue on the progress we have so far achieved witnessed only by honest people on the ground. Our progress despite sanctions can only be denied by those who deliberately turn a blind eye and speak the language of the colonial masters seeking one agenda of exploitation and neocolonialism. We can not be schooled by such flimsy suggestions that those who are sponsored to abstain from Dialogue, have any meaning in a progressive and prosperous Zimbabwe.

Polad initiative brought in selfless patriotic peace loving Zimbabweans across the political devide who all believe not in winner takes all mentality. Meanwhile some who believe they are the winners rush to convince an ignorant international community that without them Zimbabwe is going nowhere, marking down every meaningful progress.

Polad through its solid thematic committees engaged and still continues to engage the Government, civil society, the Churches and the political players to foster solutions. Political Reforms such as the electoral Reforms have come out of Polad , economic Policies such as introduction of gold coins have been a brainchild of Polad among many. Polad influenced our Covid 19 management, to become one of the biggest successes in Africa despite limitations of resources. Polad launched the Covid 19 vaccination programme among many progressive milestones.

True and patriotic Zimbabweans are finding each other and fine tuning our democracy.The remarks by our esteemed South African diplomat lacks balance and true perspective on what is on the ground. As she follows the wrong footsteps of Magashule we reiterate the same, come to Zimbabwe and see or rather read widely on the subject mater , we are on the mend.

Minister Pando went on to downplay the sanction narrative saying …,” while SADC engages in the removal of sanctions, it (SADC) must initiate an inclusive political dialogue because of the strong links between politics, economy and social in Zimbabwe – politics=economy=social conditions”. She failed to wholesomely condemn the illegal sanctions, she is indeed backtracking on African Union position on unconditional removal of unilateral sanctions .

Minister Pando went on to confirm that the ANC
Government has only been seeing and engaging with the ZANU PF Government; and not allowed to see other players in the country. This led to her myopic view about Zimbabwe situation which is fast forward much broader and more inclusive. Again, hinting on inclusive political dialogue which left many even in the world confused of what really she is talking about.

She later posed a question, why boosting of decades of freedom when you can not fix proper sewage facilities when efforts are underway and there are massive infrastructure projects worth billions at the moment.We have not said anything either by the eyesore of shacks and poverty disparity in her home country.She is forgetting that by far South Africa is the worst when it comes to unequal societies not Zimbabwe.

It is laughable if we are to ask her if her passport ever got stamped to enter into Zimbabwe if so when was the last time and which places did she visit if not only hotels.

We wish things would be better, let’s us all as Africans live in peace respecting each other’s efforts and be what we preach, let us all live how we preach and have respect for human rights building houses for our people removing them from Shacks to decent housing.

It is our wish that she retract her statements and be on the ground for reality to sink in so that the world is not mislead and people being misinformed.
Magashule tried the same, pointing a finger of a false crisis in Zimbabwe yet the fact was his own crisis in political career. We warn the diplomat to think twice and do ground research before commenting about Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is not burning but we are progressing well in terms of our reality and circumstances. I just wish her well in her political career it might be in quandary just like ignorant Magashule.

Polad Information and Publicity

Dr. Francis Danha
Information and Publicity Thematic Committee