Australian Police Force Goes After Mnangagwa?
19 August 2022
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By A Correspondent | As it was revealed that Emmerson Mnangagwa can be summoned by Australian courts, last night, NGO Director Comfort Dondo said people who minimize the subject of sexual abuse can only be perpetrators.

The coup leader has been accused of raping the Australia based 34y old Susan Mutami when she was 15 years old in Zimbabwe and a case was recently opened with Queensland Police against Mnangagwa.

Addressing a 5,000 strong listenership, Dondo said, “If I see anybody minimise these things, I say you must be a perpetrator…sexual abuse breeds pain… but this also happens in men…”

She said this just as legal experts said Mnangagwa can be summoned.

Speaking during the same spaces discussion, Advocate Kennedy Masiye, said Australia has extra territorial jurisdiction over the Susan Mutami case since it was opened in that country.

Said Masiye: