Computer Club Saves Glen View Kids From Idleness
20 August 2022
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The Dreylee Computer Club has recently started operating in Glen View, Zimbabwe, and is open to both adults and children. According to the owners, this is primarily a gathering point for young people who may choose the wrong way to pastime, for example, by registering at an online casino or a bookmaker’s office. Especially since many sites like TwinSpinCa publish no deposit bonuses and other online promotions to entice customers to casinos.

Because of the deep crisis in the country for many years, young people cannot go to sports centers to play soccer, tennis, basketball, and other sports. Some people make their own gyms, but not everyone has this opportunity.

As a result, many starts taking alcohol or drugs, eventually not surviving adulthood.

This is what prompted local enthusiasts to create a computer club where, for a small fee, visitors can spend time playing Fifa, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and other popular games.

Tracy Casingisi’s story is quite revealing. The girl is an intern at Highspeed Motors and has a parallel passion for video games. Dreylee became a real salvation for her because she did not know where to spend her free time for a long time. Here you can meet your friends, discuss the latest news and play online games.

It is noteworthy that what this girl likes most of all is to play Fifa against guys, and especially to beat them. She achieves it thanks to her ability to spot a player’s weakness: according to Tracey, almost all the guys don’t use feints and, in general, play with just a few buttons.

Tawanyasha Gondo is also fond of soccer, but because of his age (he is 16), he has not decided on his future profession yet. The boy is studying at the Maltese Academy, after which he plans to become a soccer player, though the selection process there is quite tough.

Gondo also, from time to time, visits the computer club to relax and spend time with his friends.

“I’m a beginner soccer player, so playing Fifa is even good for me – I’m learning the behavior of players on the field, different tactics, and also learning the rules,” says Tawanñasha.

According to the young man, many of the guys who spend time at Dreylee prefer soccer simulation games because they allow for cooperative play and the short match times make it possible to swap with each other and have tournaments.

Overall, the story of this computer club perfectly describes a situation in which, even when the state is powerless, local initiatives can greatly improve the lives of young people in a particular region.