Mwonzora, Komichi In Fierce Fighting
25 August 2022
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By-MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora has said that his top executive members were planning to take the party and its properties to the Nelson Chamisa-led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Mwonzora said this after the party chairman Morgen Komichi had indicated to contest Mwonzora during the elective congress.

Mwonzora last week addressed his executives and said he needed new team leaders on the Standing Committee. 

He said:

The reason why we didn’t do well in recent elections, while others are saying it’s because of the president, I am saying we lost because of the team, give me a better team. The duty of a party leader is to think and I have shown that I can think hence the reason why I am saying I need a better team. I need a team that will stay together in good and bad times, when we fall, we must fall together, same as when we rise, not when we fall someone then assists our enemies to finish off the party. We no longer want such people in the system, that is our golden rule number one, talk about yourself when campaigning not to try and get votes by bad-mouthing others.

Rule number two is that we don’t want leaders who, after being voted into office, will take the party, take Harvest House (party headquarters) and give it to some other president in another party. We fought for that building to safeguard it in the name of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. I cannot imagine Harvest House painted in yellow, that’s nada.

He said he will soon be announcing Congress dates a month earlier to allow prospective candidates to have a full month to campaign.

Mwonzora added that there is no position that is reserved for anyone and every member is free to contest any position “including that of the president”

Komichi told The Chronicle that it was pure propaganda to say that Harvest House would to another political party. He is quoted as saying:

Harvest House will never be for sale. It is the citadel of opposition politics and the High Court clearly said that it belonged to MDC-T. No one has any legal power to transfer party property, so to claim that some people want to do that is just being a propagandist.

Komichi said he will decide on whether to contest for the same post he is holding or go for a new challenge after Congress dates have been announced.