Stop Abusing Traditional Leaders, President Chamisa Tells Mr Mnangagwa
25 August 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens in Uzumba have never experienced independence.

This was said by CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa on Wednesday.

President Chamisa was in the area for community engagement meetings and he came face to face with rampant intimidation of citizens.

The CCC leader has strongly condemned violence, intimidation and presecution of suspected opposition supporters by the Zanu PF regime.

“I’m in Hwedza today.
I hear that all the major roads have been blocked by Zpf youths on instruction from their bosses. #fakapressure
They are just criminal and archaic,” said President Chamisa in a brief statement.

President Chamisa also wrote on Twitter:

Massive victimization, intimidation and terror against citizens esp opposition
-Citizens in Uzumba have not known independence, freedoms, rights and peace.

-Abuse of Chiefs and Village heads to force villagers to support the hugely unpopular Zpf party.

Food & Government support only available to Zpf party members
-Horror stories of violence in 2008
-Most violence perpetrators especially ZPf militia now dead in mysterious deaths -Assisted voters and command voting -Citizens in villages under 24/7 surveillance by zpf.

Command voting and assisted voters -The roads are bad, no schools and clinics , no jobs & disposable income, -Citizens in Uzumba are very courageous and determined. They need our support. Change must happen. Uzumba must be free, independent and in peace.”