Help Treat the Tortured Gokwe ChangeChampion Elder, Hamandishe
28 August 2022
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By Chris Goshomi | I have just managed to get some details about this unfortunate elder, Christopher Hamandishe, this morning, following requests from some well wishers who wanted to help with his treatment in the @ZLC (Zim Leeds Community) last night. Unfortunately due to the “political sensitivity” of the matter the ZLC administration has decided that the case needs to be coordinated on the ZWB (Zimbabwe Without Borders) platform.

The man has now been taken to Gweru for treatment, and further details will be revealed this afternoon.

The man is from Nembudziya for those who are familiar with Gokwe.

Chris Hamandishe’s burnt leg

There are some people who have already put some donations for his treatment in the following account.
Those who wish to put your little donations, can also use the same account.

Chris Hamandishe on Friday

It’s quite inspirational that, despite our political differences, humanity still prevails.

Halifax, sort code 111126 Acc 00423327 in the name
Of Chris Goshomi

Thank you everyone