CCC Loses Gokwe-Kabuyuni By-Election
29 August 2022
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By-The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has declared Zanu PF candidate Spencer Tshuma the duly elected member of the National Assembly for Gokwe-Kabuyuni Constituency.

According to the official results announced by Constituency Elections Officer Kudzai Nkomo, Tshuma garnered 10 727 votes while the Citizens’ Coalition for Change’s (CCC) candidate Costin Muguti polled 4 800 votes.

The by-election was held yesterday. The Gokwe-Kabuyuni seat fell vacant following the death of Leonard Chikomba who died in a car accident on 28 May this year.

Muguti once held the seat under the MDC-T ticket between 2008 and 2013 after defeating Chikomba but lost after serving for only one term.

Posting on Twitter, CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere lamented alleged electoral fraud but avoided directly blaming Zanu PF or ZEC for the party’s loss. She said:

This is not victory. It’s electoral theft. We thank the thousands of brave citizens in Gokwe who voted for change.

We’ve engaged the region & international community over the escalation of political violence. Security of the vote & voter are integral for 2023.

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa said the by-election was a learning moment for the opposition party. He tweeted:

A SALUTE TO BRAVE CITIZENS & CHANGE CHAMPIONS IN GOKWE KABUYUNI…This was a good fight, a learning moment and it’s a process. We’re doing well against all odds. We continue excelling. We must deal with fear, forced voting, and abuse of traditional leaders. We will WIN BIG! #fakapressure