Biti Fumes Over Systematic Stripping Of Zim Assets
30 August 2022
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1)The Mnangwagwa regime is systematically presiding over massive asset stripping through opaque privatization transactions.The beneficiaries are a new oligarch being created by Mnangwagwa.Chief among Mnangwagwa s oligarchs are Kuda Tagwirei,Simon Rudland Rottonbach &many others

2)Zim Alloys ,Bindura Nickel, First Mutual Life ,ZBHoldings, Jena-Golden Kopje-Elvington& Sabi Gold Mines , Petrotrade , ZUPCO ,ZISCO ,Fidelity Refineries are all assets that have been siphoned off or are being siphoned off. This is outside Parliament& outside the PAZ framework

3)To the extent that public assets are part of Zim balance sheet , there can never be any disposal of a public asset without parliamentary approval Oligarchs &cartels like Tagwirei who are amassing public assets must know that theft is not permanent .Zim will get its assets back