Mthuli Ncube Fires Warning Shots At Companies Failing To Remit Tax
4 September 2022
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By A Correspondent- Companies and banks failing to timeously remit tax will be penalised, Finance minister Mthuli Ncube has warned.

Speaking on Saturday in an interview with the state media, Ncube said while there has been a significant rise in domestic remittances, the increase is not being reflected in Treasury inflows because companies are delaying giving the government its IMMT on time forcing the government to borrow in order to fund development projects.

He said:

These delays then force Government to borrow through instruments such as Treasury bills so that we can fund development projects currently underway.

The delay in remitting taxes to Treasury by money transfer companies forces the Government to borrow through such instruments as Treasury bills to fund development projects.

But the problem with remittances due to Treasury is not unique to money transfer companies alone. Even banks are guilty of this.

Treasury through the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is currently owed about US$6 million by banks in Value Added Tax remittance

My Ministry will soon begin to penalise them if they hold onto funds due to Treasury for longer than necessary.

Proposed penalties will be twice what they should remit to Treasury if they delay.”